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May 11, 2019
Hindu Maha Sangamam

I will place all the necessary content for this event here, including where they can register, join, attend & so on.

If not enough room, I will link to learn more, a new event page dedicated.

Yap. Really looking goody awesome!

33 Events organized

2316 Food packets

Packaged foods has been delivered to different shelters in East side Vancouver and Surrey.

547 Meal Plate

Members and families has been volunteered to prepare 547 plates of Meals and served along with Salad, dessert and drink.

105 Kg Cookie/chocolat

105 Kilograms of cookies and chocolate has been distributed in different shelters among East Side Vancouver..

About OHM BC

The aim of OHM BC is to provide support to all those who is in need.

Our vision / Aim:

  • Always uphold the Hindu philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam” and will cooperate with all religions and organizations in its activities
  • Individually, hold our heads high and say proudly aloud: I am a Hindu.
  • As a group, declare loud and clear that all of us - Hindu’s - are united as one with a voice of unity– Unity in diversity is our strength.
  • Establish the Hindu Philosophy: Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu - May the whole world lead a happy and peaceful life. This is our universal mantra.
  • Help proactively one another in all aspects of life through service initiatives and lead our life in the noble path of Dharma.
  • Join hands with like minded people of other organizations to undertake endeavours to uplift the society.
  • Guide and lead our children towards Hindu Dharma and to ensure that our youngsters continue to hold our dharma in high esteem throughout the future generations.
  • Save and invest collectively for the future to become financially self-reliant and establish Education and Service Centres, Temples and other facilities.
  • Provide helping hands of solace for people in their golden years.
  • Provide a platform to our members to converse with Hindu spiritual leaders, celebrate our festivals and set high standards for community service.

President’s message

My greetings to all the members, their families and well wishers of OHM BC.

As a president, I would like to enthusiastically welcome you to our Society, Organisation of Hindu Malayalees Society - British Columbia (OHM BC). I feel it is a tremendous honor to serve as your president and one that I will always remember as a highlight in my life. I am so pleased to be part of the Society. It is my hopes, desires and dreams, we move forward in promoting Hindu culture, tradition and education worldwide. OHM BC is a high-quality organization made up of individuals who are all motivated to make positive influences in the world. I hope together we can reach great horizons.

The journey that we started together in May 2019 is finally beginning to gain speed. We survived the setbacks due to the pandemic that came in immediately after. We have learnt some tough lessons during this period. But it has increased our resolve to stand up to challenges.

We have now started to move forward with small confident steps that I believe will gain speed over the years.

We continue to serve our community with our charity projects. Our members are in total agreement that we should give back to the society that has given us so much. I am proud to say that everyone in OHM BC has contributed to help the needy and homeless in Vancouver with our limited resources.

We have moved from conducting our general body meeting online to an in person gathering. We have built strong positive relations with like minded organizations. Many religious and cultural organizations in Vancouver, other parts of Canada and the US now look forward to working alongside OHM BC.

This website and our social media channels will serve to build and improve the way we communicate with our members and the community at large. Everyone at OHM BC shall strive to make the vision of this young organization a reality in the not so distant future.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make suggestions, serve on committees, or just to get to know our society. I look forward to meeting in the future.

Events That we organized in the past 4 years

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11.May.2019 - Hindu Maha Sangamam
15.Sep.2019 - A day with Swami Chitananda Puri at Lakshmi Narayan Mandir


22.Aug.2020 - Online AGM
26.Sep.2020 - Online Satsang with Swami Udit Chaithanya. Link
16 - 24.Oct.2020 - Online discourse
Importance of Navarathri - nine day talks by Smt Pushpa Ramakrishnan
Introducing Sree Narayana Gurudevan’s Navarathna Manjari by Dr A P Sukumar
24.Oct.2020 - Online Devotional songs/bhajan from Smt. Chitra Arun
09.Nov.2020 - Food donation at Gateway & Parkway Shelter, Surrey - 40 food packets has been distributed


09.Jan.2021 - 480 food packets given to three different shelters in East Vancouver including Powel St Gateway.
13.Jan.2021 - Meeting with Consulate
30.Jan.2021 - Food donation
donated 288 lunch packets and 25 kg of cookies to Powell Street Getaway, 525 Powell Street, Vancouver
192 lunch packets and 60 kg of cookies to Sisters Tent, Atira Womens' Resource Society, 528 Powell Street Vancouver.
06.Mar.2021 - Cloth Donation
21.Mar.2021 - More than 150 plates of Pasta, Salad, muffins and hot chocolate
02.Apr.2021 - More than 150 plates of Pasta, Cesar Salad, bread with butter, bananas, cookies and almost 150 cups of hot chocolate. - Many kids volunteers came in.
05.Apr.2021 - More than 300 lunch boxes.
17.Apr.2021 - Vishu Kaineettam & vishu madhuram delivered to more than 70 families
15.May.2021 - 175 Snack boxes delivered to Powell Street Getaway
05.Jun.2021 - Food packets donation at Powell Street Gateway
17.Jul.2021 - 180 packets delivered at 628 Poweel Street
24.Jul.2021 - Packed meals at 528 Powell Street
28.Aug.2021 - Online AGM
04.Sep.2021 - Food packets donated at 528 Powell Street
08.Oct.2021 - Online Navarathri Discourse - Acharya Swamini Samhithanantha
09-17.Oct.2021 - Online Stories from Devi Bhagavatham By Dr A P Sukumar


05.Mar.2022 -Sandhya Naama Pusthakam release at Burnaby Temple
18.Mar.2022 - Food packet donation - Chocolates
15.Apr.2022 - Vishu Fest & Naavoru Pattu
24.Apr.2022 - Dharsana Exhibition with HSS - Surrey
28.May.2022 - Dharsana Exhibition with HSS - Burnaby
24.Sep.2022 - In-person AGM and family gettogether
04.Nov.2022 - Online satsang with Swami Chitananda Puri
21.Dec.2022 - 461 packets of food donated

Charity & love are the same

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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